Workshop publications

  1. Riad Akrour, Davide Tateo and Jan Peters. Towards Reinforcement Learning of Human Readable Policies.
  2. John Aoga, Siegfried Nijssen and Pierre Schaus. Modeling Pattern Set Mining as Parameter Learning on Boolean Circuits.
  3. Sophie Burkhardt, Nicolas Wagner, Johannes Fürnkranz and Stefan Kramer. Extracting Rules with Adaptable Complexity from Neural Networks using K-Term DNF Optimization.
  4. Mark Collier and Hector Urdiales. Scalable Deep Unsupervised Clustering with Concrete GMVAEs.
  5. Sebastijan Dumancic, Tias Guns, Wannes Meert and Hendrik Blockeel. Auto-encoding Logic Programs: Learning Latent Representations for Reasoning.
  6. Henry Gouk, Bernhard Pfahringer and Eibe Frank. Stochastic Gradient Trees
  7. Zahra Ahmadi, Sina Malakouti and Stefan Kramer. Deep Tree Networks: A New Symbolic Deep Architecture.
  8. Robin Manhaeve, Sebastijan Dumancic, Angelika Kimmig, Thomas Demeester and Luc De Raedt. DeepProbLog: Neural Probabilistic Logic Programming.
  9. Michael Rapp, Eneldo Loza Mencía and Johannes Fürnkranz. Simplifying Random Forests: On the Trade-off between Interpretability and Accuracy.
  10. Nicolas Wagner, Sophie Burkhardt, Stefan Kramer. A Deep Convolutional DNF Learner.
  11. Cheng Wang and Mathias Niepert. Learning Discrete Automata with Recurrent Neural Networks.
  12. Pedro Zuidberg Dos Martires. Differentiation and Weighted Model Integration.


Other publications

  1. Laura Antanas, Plinio Moreno, Marion Neumann, Rui Pimentel de Figueiredo, Kristian Kersting, José Santos-Victor, Luc De Raedt: Semantic and geometric reasoning for robotic grasping: a probabilistic logic approach. Auton. Robots 43(6): 1393-1418 (2019).
  2. Andrea Galassi, Kristian Kersting, Marco Lippi, Xiaoting Shao, Paolo Torroni:
    Neural-Symbolic Argumentation Mining: an Argument in Favour of Deep Learning and Reasoning. CoRR abs/1905.09103 (2019).
  3. Martin Mundt, Sagnik Majumder, Iuliia Pliushch, Visvanathan Ramesh:
    Unified Probabilistic Deep Continual Learning through Generative Replay and Open Set Recognition. CoRR abs/1905.12019 (2019)